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Comms Coffee Club Podcast | Episode 1 | PR Insights with Alayna Francis: Journey, Strategies, and Global Perspectives

31 August 2023 by Max Forsyth


​We're delighted to launch the Comms Coffee Club Podcast

Join us for Episode 1 and an enlightening conversation with Alayna Francis, a seasoned PR pro and the global head of PR for a FTSE 250 FinTech company. Alayna enthrals us with her journey, which led her from an avid reader and press enthusiast to one of the PR world's leading voices. She opens up about her fascinating experiences, from the thrill of meeting President Clinton to the challenges of manoeuvring the subtle differences in PR practices between the US and the UK. Francis talks about her observations of Clinton's masterful communication prowess, a skilful blend of charisma and authenticity that can make anyone feel like they are the only person in the room.

Alayna takes us through the labyrinth of PR strategies, shedding light on the essential differences between in-house and agency-style PR. She shares the wisdom gained from her climb to becoming a global head of PR and the nuances of these two different facets of PR. She recounts how she successfully navigated the news cycle when dealing with the press and her unique tactical approach to launching a new product to market. Our discussion also extends to PR's direct impact on business growth, which Alayna has experienced firsthand.

Francis also graces us with an insider's perspective on the intricate interplay of PR and legal collaborations in different countries. Sharing her invaluable experience dealing with a 9-11 litigation case and potential data breaches, Alayna emphasises the worrying risks posed by data databases and the urgent need for businesses to be aware of them. She also candidly discusses her concerns about the potential devaluation of PR and Communications roles in the UK compared to the US and the importance of a diverse team and a solid content and social media strategy. Soak in the insights from Alayna's wealth of PR wisdom in this enlightening episode.

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