​Communications is a multifaceted and vibrant field, crucial for every organization aiming to forge robust connections with its audiences. It encompasses all strategic and tactical communication efforts that strengthen brand visibility, stimulate engagement, and fuel organizational growth. At Comms Search & Selection, we specialize in recruiting candidates ranging from Manager to C-Suite level roles for Communications positions across all sectors.

We have established an extensive network of leading professionals in Communications, from accomplished Communications Managers to distinguished Chief Communications Officers. These individuals are at the helm of their profession, driving strategic communications that propel their organizations forward.

The job market in Communications is swiftly adapting to meet the demands of the ever-progressing digital era. As businesses explore new avenues to engage with their stakeholders, the demand for skilled professionals who can craft powerful narratives and spearhead impactful campaigns is on the rise. Our focus is on identifying candidates who are proficient in digital communication platforms and techniques, and who can leverage these tools to create influential messaging.

Our clients reap the benefits of our in-depth comprehension of the Communications job market. We are committed to offering them the most competent candidates for their vacancies. Our goal is to facilitate the perfect match between candidate and organization, ensuring our clients are furnished with top-tier professionals for their teams.

Nandita Samant


​With an impressive track record in the communications recruitment industry, Nandita Samant is a pivotal Manager at Comms Search & Selection, where she spearheads our efforts to match top talent with leading companies in the UK and US markets. Nandita brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of both the industry's nuances and our clients' unique needs. Her approach is characterised by a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, ensuring both candidates and clients receive tailored, effective solutions. Nandita's expertise not only drives successful placements but...

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