In-House Communications Salary Guide: UK & US
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The Modern In-House Communications Salary Guide: A Transatlantic Analysis

17 August 2023 by Max Forsyth


The ever-evolving landscape of communications has seen significant shifts over the years. With the rapid progression of digital platforms, the 24 news cycle and companies under greater scrutiny than ever, the value placed on strategic in-house communications roles has surged. Today's invaluable insight is for astute employers, senior executives, and hiring managers who wish to stay ahead in this dynamic industry.

Our extensive research and expertise in the field have formulated a comprehensive In-House Communications Salary Guide, charting the salary ranges of vital communication roles in the UK and the USA. This guide promises to be a beacon for those looking to hire, offering a blueprint of the current remuneration standards in these prestigious nations.

In-House Communications Salary Guide: UK & US Role Remuneration Analysis

UK Communications Salary Spectrum:

  • Manager: £50k - £70k

  • Senior Manager: £70k - £100k

  • Head Of: £100k - £140k

  • Director: £140k - £200k

  • Chief Communications Officer: £250k+

US Communications Salary Spectrum:

  • Manager: $100k - $160k

  • Senior Manager: $160k - $220k

  • Director: $220k - $300k

  • VP: $260k - $400k

  • Chief Communications Officer: $400k+

It is imperative to observe that these figures are not mere numbers but reflect the significance and impact of in-house communications in the modern business world. The evolving complexity and ever-increasing demands of the communications function necessitate a competitive salary that matches its importance.

However, while this guide provides a foundation, the intricate nuances of each role, its responsibilities, and the company's sector can lead to variances. Such detailed intelligence calls for industry-leading expertise – which is where we come into play.

Why Choose Comms Search & Selection?

Having carved our niche in the communications sector, we understand the pulse of the industry. While numbers provide a framework, the right fit is more than just the salary. It’s about synergy, vision, and strategic alignment.

If you are an employer or hiring manager looking to attract the crème de la crème of the communications world, you need a partner who knows the terrain. At Comms Search & Selection, we have a distinguished track record of finding the perfect match for both roles and companies.

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