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Comms Coffee Club LIVE Webinar | Mastering Communications in the Middle East | Wednesday 11th October 2023

28 September 2023 by Max Forsyth


​In an era where global reach and local impact converge, Comms Search & Selection invites you to a Comms Coffee Club Webinar on Wednesday, 11th October, designed expressly for senior communications leaders, ExCo members, and CMOs from multi-national organisations with a presence or stakeholders in the Middle East.

Recognition and appreciation of cultural diversity: Mastering Communications in the Middle East with Mike Evans & Elizabeth Maclean


With a spotlight on the Middle East, we bring you 40 years of combined expertise from Mike Evans and Elizabeth Maclean from Herdwick Communications, who have an extensive track record of delivering strategic communications in an international setting that enhances long-term reputation. Elizabeth's board-level communications experience in locally and internationally-owned firms based in the Middle East offers an indispensable viewpoint, while Mike brings years of global marketing communications expertise in operational businesses.

The webinar will equip you with tangible methods for refining your communications strategy to ensure a harmonious global-to-local and local-to-global alignment.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • Recognition and appreciation of cultural diversity which could be your competitive edge.

  • Help international leadership teams to understand cultural subtleties.

  • Strategies to seamlessly integrate knowledge and understanding of cultures to ensure effective cross-border communications.

  • How to build trust with your stakeholders through shared understanding and dialogue.

  • The art of crafting messages that resonate in the local market.

  • Understanding the regional media landscape.

The session will conclude with a Q&A so you can pose your most pressing questions to Elizabeth and Mike and there will be the opportunity to share your own experiences and insights with other members of the Comms Coffee Club..

Join us for a fascinating session that will help you refine your communications approach with a level of cultural understanding that is increasingly non-negotiable in today's interconnected business landscape. Please reserve your seat now.

The session will also be available to catch up on-demand for those who register. So, even if you can't make the live webinar, you must register to view the recorded session.

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