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Comms Coffee Club Podcast | Episode 3 | Unpacking Global Communications, Leadership and Asset Management | A Conversation with Wesley Eberle

21 September 2023 by Max Forsyth


Wesley Eberle joins the Comms Coffee Club podcast and provides a rich blend of practical insights, whether you're a seasoned veteran in communications or just stepping into the world of asset management. For anyone looking to understand or improve their corporate communications and leadership strategies, this episode is not one to miss.

The Landscape of Global Communications

The necessity of effective global communication in today's interconnected business landscape is beyond dispute. Navigating this terrain is challenging but crucial, as Wesley Eberle, former Chief Communications Officer at Natixus Investment Manager, demonstrates. Eberle’s insights, shared in a recent episode of the Comms Coffee Club Podcast, shed light on the evolving dynamics of global communications, leadership, and asset management.

Leadership and Corporate Culture

One of the cornerstone discussions between Eberle and the host centres on leadership’s role in transforming corporate culture. Change is a constant, but effectively managing it demands clear vision and tactical nous. Here, Eberle underscores sincerity as the linchpin for building trust and achieving long-term alignment among team members. A shared vision, he notes, is the nucleus around which effective corporate culture revolves.

Navigating the Asset Management Sector

The asset management industry presents its unique set of challenges and opportunities. Agility in marketing campaigns, the effective use of storytelling, and the need to break down complex investment topics into relatable narratives stand out as key themes. Eberle also highlights the importance of judiciously using technical language to maintain a balance between showcasing expertise and reaching a broader audience.

Furthermore, the conversation delves into the rising relevance of alternative operating models as businesses seek to differentiate themselves in the market. The takeaway is clear: a unique value proposition isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a necessity in today’s competitive environment.

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