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Communications Predictions for 2024: A Deep Dive into the Future of Communications

11 January 2024 by Max Forsyth


As we enter 2024, the communications landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. The previous year has set the stage for significant changes, and it's essential for communications professionals to stay ahead of the curve. In this article, we delve into our Managing Director, Max Forsyth's predictions, exploring key trends and how they will shape the future of communications.

1. Scrutiny of Companies’ ESG Credentials Intensifies

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria have become a pivotal point for companies worldwide. In 2023, we witnessed high-profile organisations such as Coutts, Natwest, Target, and Bud Light under intense scrutiny regarding their ESG credentials. This trend is not fleeting; it’s here to stay.

The surge in attention from journalists, political commentators, and the general public signals a significant shift. Companies and their communications teams must align their strategies and engagement to address ESG concerns effectively. This alignment is not merely about avoiding negative press; it's about demonstrating genuine commitment and making real impacts. The dialogue has moved beyond boardrooms into social media and even dinner table conversations. Companies must adapt to this environment by ensuring their reactive and proactive communication strategies are underpinned by solid data and evidence.

2. The Emergence of X Spaces

X Spaces, a live-streaming feature on platforms like Twitter, has emerged as a new frontier for corporate communications. Last year, we saw how potent this tool could be when Red Hat and IBM faced a barrage of criticism from anonymous voices. The impact was significant enough to prompt IBM's global CEO to address the issues in an all-hands town hall.

This platform represents a new challenge but also an opportunity for communications professionals. The ability for users to anonymously voice their opinions live adds a layer of complexity to managing a company's public image. It's crucial for internal and external communications teams to understand and engage with this medium effectively. The immediacy and unpredictability of X Spaces necessitate a strategic approach that includes monitoring, rapid response, and transparency.

3. Smoother Sailing for Communications Recruitment

The recruitment landscape for communications professionals is set to stabilise in 2024. After a tumultuous 2023, characterised by fluctuations and uncertainty, the industry is looking towards a more stable year. With interest rates stabilising and corporate leadership teams having completed their restructuring, the recruitment sector is expected to experience more consistent growth. To discuss how we can help you recruit for your communications function, contact us.

This prediction bodes well for both job seekers and employers. For communication professionals, it means more opportunities and a more stable job market. For organisations, it translates into access to a broader talent pool and the ability to plan recruitment strategies with greater certainty. As companies finalise their 2024 budgets and headcounts, we can anticipate a more dynamic and robust recruitment landscape in the communications sector. View our live vacancies.

4. Solving the Communications ROI Conundrum

One of the most significant challenges in communications has been quantifying Return on Investment (ROI). However, 2024 might be the year this changes. The rapid advancement of AI and data-driven tools across various sectors, including SEO, content creation, finance, operations, and marketing analytics, is leading us towards a solution.

The prediction is that someone will ingeniously combine these technologies to create a comprehensive tool for measuring communications ROI. This tool would enable communication teams to demonstrate their value to the board in quantifiable terms, solving a longstanding challenge in the industry. The integration of AI and analytics could provide insights into the effectiveness of communication strategies, audience engagement, and the overall impact on a company's bottom line.


As we navigate these emerging trends, it's crucial for communication professionals to remain adaptable, informed, and proactive. The integration of ESG principles into communication strategies, the effective management of new platforms like X Spaces, a stabilising recruitment landscape, and the potential resolution of the comms ROI challenge are all indicative of a rapidly evolving industry.

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