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​Navigating the Waves of Tech Communications: Insights from Becca Chambers

7 February 2024 by Max Forsyth


Hello, everyone! It's Max Forsyth here, MD and Founder of Comms Search & Selection, and in the latest episode of the Comms Coffee Club podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Becca Chambers, the Chief Communications Officer at ControlUp, to dive into the dynamic world of corporate communications in the tech industry.

From Open Seas to Open Channels: The Unconventional Journey

Becca's journey into communications is as unique as it is inspiring. It all began with a semester at sea that unexpectedly thrust her into the media spotlight. Facing the challenges of a tumultuous ocean voyage, Becca found her calling. This pivotal moment set her on a trajectory that would see her working with some of the leading names in tech, including McAfee, CENTRIFY, Idaptive, MOBILEIRON, Ivanti, Ericom, Nullafi, Alludo and ControlUp.

Cutting Through the Noise: The Art of Rebranding

Leading corporate communications at Centrify and Idaptive, Becca tackled the daunting task of rebranding. She stressed the importance of carving out a unique niche and perspective to stand out in the saturated tech market. It's about understanding your audience and delivering a message that resonates. Becca believes the essence of great communication lies in distilling complex ideas into simple, relatable messages. She also highlighted the need for flexibility, a quality that's indispensable in the ever-evolving tech and media landscapes.

A Campaign to Remember: The QR Code Coup

One of Becca's most memorable campaigns involved repositioning a company as a leader in cybersecurity. By creatively using QR codes to illustrate the dangers of malicious URLs, the campaign not only garnered extensive media attention but also significantly boosted the company's revenue.

Building Brands and Cultures: The CEO Connection

Working closely with a CEO, Becca helped to forge a new brand identity that unified diverse products under a shared set of values. This initiative not only transformed the company culture but also attracted talent and improved public perception. Reflecting on her favourite CEO to work with, Becca underscored the impact of authenticity and the courage to be vulnerable. These traits are instrumental in shaping a company's brand and resonating with both employees and customers.

From Counsel to Counselor: Advising the Innovators

Lastly, Becca touched on her advisory role, where she offers her wealth of knowledge to startups in the tech space. It's clear that her passion for communications and branding is matched only by her commitment to fostering the next generation of tech innovators.

In conclusion, my conversation with Becca was a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to excel in tech communications. Her experiences remind us that a strategic approach, coupled with creativity and authenticity, can make all the difference in this fast-paced industry. Stay tuned for more stories and lessons from the front lines of business and communications on the Comms Coffee Club podcast.

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