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Adapting Hiring Strategies in Times of Change: A Comprehensive Guide for Communications Roles

6 July 2023 by Max Forsyth


Adapting to the Landscape of Change: A Crucial Skillset for HR and Hiring Managers 

In an era where change is the only constant, it becomes imperative for HR directors and communications hiring managers to incorporate agility into their recruitment approach. This in-depth guide outlines pioneering hiring strategies that skillfully balance the necessity of attracting exceptional talent and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Decoding the Impact of Business Transformations: Challenges and Opportunities 

Transformation is a two-sided coin, bringing challenges and opportunities with it. While redundancies and organisational reshuffles may present hurdles, they also pave the way for novel options such as acquisitions, new technology adoption, and innovative working methods. Amidst this flux, the recruitment process must retain its strategic edge, focusing on attracting and retaining talent that can adeptly navigate this intricate landscape.

Interviews Redefined: The Emphasis on Key Competencies 

Interviews form the crux of the hiring process. These interactions should centre on identifying candidates with a track record of managing internal or external change communication. Armed with skills in M&A communications, people-centric campaigns, and financial communications, such professionals will prove invaluable in the forthcoming years. Their unique competencies will empower your organisation to maintain resilience and a proactive stance amidst continual change.

Unlocking Potential with Contract and Interim Roles: The Power of Flexibility 

Contract and interim roles present many opportunities for UK and US businesses. They provide cost savings and bring in necessary expertise for specific projects or transitional periods. For instance, even a part-time senior communications director can bring invaluable insights and leadership.

These flexible roles are perfect for addressing temporary increases in workload, filling in for employees on leave, or bringing in specialised skills for project-based work. They solve immediate problems without a long-term commitment, giving your business the agility to adapt and thrive in times of change.

Comms Search & Selection is perfectly positioned to help you find contract and interim professionals in the communications field. Our vast network spans the UK and US, allowing us to connect you with the right talent at the right time.

CommsSearch Lite: Experience Excellence in Comms Search & Selection's Services 

CommsSearch Lite, our mini-exec search solution for Manager Level + Hires, is designed to offer the industry expertise of a traditional executive search firm but at a fraction of the cost. It saves you time and resources and streamlines the recruitment process, offering you more control at just a click. From CVs to executive briefs, bespoke video responses to custom star ratings, you gain a real-time view of your recruitment process on a secure, GDPR-compliant dashboard.

Our comprehensive service includes automating interview scheduling to keep the process moving and providing compliance documents when required.

Engage With Us: A Simple, Effective Approach 

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