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Embracing Change: How to Align Transformation Initiatives with Communications, Purpose and Values

10 April 2024 by Max Forsyth


In our most recent episode of the Comms Coffee Club podcast, we focus on aligning business transformation with communication, purpose, and values, drawing from Agatha Fox's insights. Embracing Change: How to Align Transformation Initiatives with Communications, Purpose, and Values is available now on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Agatha, formerly Director of People Advisory Services at EY, discusses the nuances of guiding organisations through change, highlighting practical strategies for successful transformation.

Background of a Transformation Specialist

Agatha's journey from creative agencies to significant roles in communications introduced her to the business transformation space. She has helped organisations navigate change effectively by combining creative strategy with analytical insights.

The Essence of Change

The process involves transitioning an organisation to a desired future state, incorporating technological upgrades, strategy renewals, and cultural shifts. Agatha emphasises the importance of focusing on people and ensuring effective communication and engagement throughout the transformation.

Types of Transformation

Agatha discusses digital and cultural transformations and highlights the complexity of integrating new systems and the importance of addressing cultural shifts to support new working methods.

Challenges in Transformation

Acknowledging the high failure rate of transformations, she underscores the necessity of laying solid foundations for success. Celebrating small wins, remaining flexible, and maintaining open communication is crucial.

Organisational Pulse

Understanding the culture and informal networks within an organisation is vital. Engaging with employees at all levels and addressing key concerns are critical strategies for managing change.

Simplifying the Complex

Agatha uses the "nana test" to simplify complex information, making it accessible and memorable, emphasising the importance of clear communication in technical transformations.

Addressing Cultural Dynamics and Resistance

Changing entrenched behaviours and overcoming resistance, particularly from leadership, requires effective relationship management and clear communication.

Storytelling and Emotional Engagement

Storytelling and emotional connection are highlighted as critical for engaging with the transformation process and making changes more meaningful and impactful.

Principles of Successful Transformation

Agatha introduces the "four I's" principle — inform, involve, ignite, and invite — as essential for fostering transparency, inclusion, and dialogue in transformations.

Evolving Business and Transformation Approaches

As the business landscape changes, so must our approaches to transformation, ensuring they are responsive to workforce needs and aligned with organisational values.

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