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Comms Coffee Club Podcast | Episode 6 | Behind the Scenes of Legal PR and Magic Circle Law Firms with Michael Osborne

24 October 2023 by Max Forsyth


​In a new Comms Coffee Club Podcast episode, we had the pleasure of hosting the legal PR guru, Michael Osborne. He's taken a fascinating journey through the industry, starting with his early days on the student newspaper at Durham University, through his time at Fishburn Hedges, and ending up in-house at magic circle law firm Clifford Chance. During this candid conversation, Michael spills invaluable insights on creating PR campaigns that hit the mark, harnessing the power of technology and AI in the field, and the need to step outside your comfort zone to make waves in the industry.

Career Journey in the Communications Industry

Michael and I chatted about his journey in the communications industry. We cover his start in the student newspaper at Durham University, his agency experience with Fishburn Hedges, and his in-house experience with Clifford Chance. We explore what makes a successful PR campaign and how technology and AI can be used to create an even more significant impact. Michael shares his thoughts on taking risks and how to get the attention of the Economist.

Legal PR Insights and Legal Counsel Intersection

We explored how he provided communications and PR counsel to lawyers and partners at Clifford Chance. We discuss the importance of being prepared to answer complex questions, understanding what motivates the people you work with, and how to navigate the differences between risk-averse lawyers and risk-takers in PR. Michael then shares his insights into making complex topics easier to understand and using behavioural science to create stories that will engage and inspire people. We also explore the typical responsibilities of a legal public relations and communications role, the changing landscape of law firms, and how US firms have increasingly become more engaged in the market.

Effective Integrated Strategies And Using Technology

We then looked at the differences in PR over the past 20 years, from media parties and press releases to digital channels, content targeting, and earned media. We examined the significance of stories and how to create the right ones to evoke the desired emotions and actions. We also discussed the strategies of using earned and paid media, third-party endorsements, and the importance of knowing the target audience.

Finally, we discussed the future of technology in PR, the rise of AI, gamification and getting culture right in a digital world.

Don't Miss Out!

The episode is a treasure trove of information for communications professionals, offering in-depth analyses and hands-on tips. Whether you’re in the early stages of your career or a seasoned professional, there’s something for everyone.

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